Meet The Team


I began my career with a full time apprenticeship at a well respected salon in my home town of Cleethorpes where I spent 3 years receiving hands on training before I was given a busy clientele to work and I was immediately addicted.

My drive and passion for hairdressing grew stronger and I became more confident, developing my own techniques and styles whilst gaining knowledge and inspiration from my mentors and colleagues. At the age of 30, having given a loyal 15 years to the salon clientelle and employer I felt I was ready to grow more and spread my wings. I had the drive, determination and strong desire to want to help others develop and grow with the same support that I had been shown. It was that drive that helped me to decide to complete my Teacher Training and this in turn made my skill foundation stronger and I came to realise that I had so many ideas and aspirations that I had previously not had the chance to full fill. It was then that I decided that although it may be hardwork I wanted to open my own Hair Salon. 

I know that experience and knowledge has played a big part in being successful as well as hard work, the passion in what I do, being patient and motivated as well as the love and support that has been shown to me by my family and friends. I still feel now that being positive and having positive people around you, who respect you and what you do and want the best for you is really important. I have learnt so much about myself with this experience, I'm a stronger more confident person and most of all, I love what I do. I love the fashion and beauty industry as I believe in bringing out a persons inner beauty by helping them to feel good on the outside. It's not about vanity or looking the best but its about giving everyone that extra bit of care.



I have worked in the hairdressing industry for 11 years. I began my career working alongside Marie (Salon Owner) then I gradually built up my own clientele.
I love going to work everyday and I couldn't imagine doing anything else. I thrive on learning more and giving the best I can to my clients. I specialise in colour and love how we can change how we feel and our image through our hair.
Charlotte is our newest qualified stylist to join our team, with her youthful outlook towards the industry, she’s very enthusiastic and has already made her mark as a fantastic colourist!
She always goes above and beyond for her clients and fellow stylists, we are proud to have her as an ambassador of HairBeautiful. Don’t hesitate to book for your free consultation today.